MarinePlotter, 25 February 2018

Free software for displaying Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC), Raster Nautical Charts (RNC), and Geo-referenced images (IMG) as charts. The program supports the creation and display of Mariner's Cruising Guides (MCG) vector charts, Nautical Chart Image (NCI) tiles, Nautical Chart Overlay (NCO) files, Nautical Chart Vector (NCV) tiles, and Nautical Chart Object/Overlays (NOC) files. The program can also display optional tile based satellite images, waypoint locations and routes. The program can display multiple semi-transparent charts over the tile base images. The program accepts NMEA GPS sentences from most GPS receivers that connect to a USB port. The program also accepts NMEA AIS sentences from most AIS receivers connected to the USB port.

Host: Club Cruceros, La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico
Base: DJM Questor Software

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Electronic Chart System (ECS)

See also the Mariner's Electronic Chart System: MECS,

The MarinePlotter ". . . is an Electronic Chart System (ECS), which can be used to assist navigation, but does not meet IMO/SOLAS chart carriage requirements." An ECS is specified in ISO 19379 as follows: "ECS is a navigation information system that electronically displays vessel position and relevant nautical chart data and information from an ECS Database on a display screen, but does not meet all the IMO requirements for ECDIS and is not intended to satisfy the SOLAS Chapter V requirements to carry a navigational chart.
See source pdf (no longer available.)

"Where the vessel operates with ECS, the paper chart remains the official basis for navigation onboard. The vessel must retain and use a full folio of up to date paper charts onboard, regardless of the type of electronic charts used."
See IHO Facts about electronic charts . . . pdf.

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Windows 10 Compatible Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

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