MECS - Mariner's Electronic Chart System, 28 January 2018

Host: Club Cruceros, La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico
Base: DJM Questor Software

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MECS is a Mariner's Electronic Chart System (ECS) that you can use as an "aid to navigation" when used with paper nautical charts. MECS displays tile based aerial and nautical chart images with a GPS reported vessel position marker. You can download the tiles from Internet content providers or you can make you own tiles with application programs such as the MarinePlotter.

MECS is a simplified and specialized variation of the MarinePlotter program. Satellite and nautical chart tiles of the MarinePlotter program can be used with the MECS application but require attention to the differences in tile-cache structures.

MECS includes built-in help topics and a Sample Tile-Cache for GoogleMaps satellite images and for New Zealand and the United States of America nautical charts.


The MECS app requires the Windows 10 OS Build 16299 or greater. Build 16299 is the Windows 10 Fall Creator Release during October 2017 or later.

There are three methods to install MECS on your device: The One-click, App Installer, and the Sideload methods below. If a method does not work, try the next method.

The downloaded files will contains both 32 and 64 bit data for ARM, x86, and x64 devices.

1 - One-click method

To simply install the MECS package directly from this page to your device, click: Install MECS-2-2-5-0 bundle

If this method fails and you are using the Microsoft's Edge browser, then open this page another browser and try again..

2 - App Installer method

To download MECS bundle, click Install MECS-2-2-5-0 bundle. Alternatively, click the mouse right-button on the download link and select the Save target as menu item.

Find the downloaded MECS_2.2.5.0_x86_x64_arm.appxbundle file on your device. Check the that file-type has not been changed: For example, if the file name type is .man then change it back to .appxbundle.

To install the file, double click the file.

Window will try to install the app; howeever, if you do not have the App Installer on your computer, Windows will advise you that you need to acquire the free App Installer from the Windows Store. After installing the Installer, double click the MECS bundle-file again.

When the App Installer starts, it will display the installation verification dialog. Click the Install button.

3 - Sideload method

To download the MECS sideload package, click*. Alternatively, click the mouse right-button on the download link and select the Save target as menu item.

To sideload MECS, click: Sideload installing MECS.

Note *:

Although MECS can display Internet pages, you cannot download the MECS zip-file from the MECS built-in web-browser. To download the MECS app, you must click the above download link in your Internet browser for this page at: "".

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