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Spanish Tutor Application, Version 1.3 16 February 2017

The Spanish Tutor Application makes verb conjugation "flash card" type exercises.

The Spanish Tutor Application provides a means for a student of Spanish to practice the conjugation of Spanish verbs. The program does not teach the subject of Spanish verb conjugation, but rather, it provides a mechanism to review, practice and re-enforce knowledge one has acquired in a school of the Spanish language.

Release 1,3 updates the C++ Redistributables again with vc_redist_x86.exe included.

Release 1,2 updates the C++ Redistributables to the 2015 version.

Release 1,1 replaces the earlier {beta 7} release and contains:

Spanish Tutor Image


The Spanish Tutor application was developed and tested using the Windows XP/SP2 and Vista operating systems.

The application also requires Windows Installer 2.0 or later and Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (x86). The Setup program will advise you if these prerequisite components need to be downloaded and will ask if you want to download them from Microsoft. To download these components, you will need to be connected to the Internet.

Free download

You can obtain a fully functional free copy of the Spanish Tutor for personal use. The copy is to be used for educational purposes only. The copy cannot be sold, traded or used for commercial purposes. Do not make copies to give to your friends; instead, refer your friends to the web site to obtain their personal copy to ensure that they get the latest version, and, to ensure they do not obtain a virsus or other malware from your computer.


Using the computer mouse, right click the link below to open the options popup menu, select Save Target As and save the zip-folder to your Windows Desktop


The Setup will fail if you do not have the prerequisite components listed above. Connect to the Internet and start the Setup program again and let it install the prerequisite components.

Backup the download

Backup the folder and then delete the zip-folder and the uncompressed SpanishTutorDownload folder from your desktop. Also, if you make changes to the verb file or wav-files, you might want to occassionally copy the modified files to the backup medium. If you need to re-install the application, first re-install the application, then restore these customized files.


Please report problems so I can correct them for the next release.

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