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BloodPressureHistory 2.0.3, Released: 07 January 2015

Free software for recording, monitoring and printing personal weight, blood pressure, and pulse history. Display, edit and print the data history, graphs and statistics. For Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Blood Pressure History Image

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Reference: Blood pressure - Wikipedia

Changes this release

See: BloodPressureHistory Revisions


How to download . . .

How to install

You must have System Administor privileges to install the applications.

Un-install the prior version of the BloodPressureHistory application.

For Windows XP - use the mouse left button and double click BloodPressureHistory.msi

For Windows Vista and Windows 7+ - double click the BloodPressureHistory.msi

After the installation has completed

You can delete the BloodPressureHistory.msi from your Windows Desktop.

Read the Help topic How to create test data to create sample data you can play with before creating you personal database. You can safely use the sample data while learning how the program behaves. Once you have learned how to enter, edit and delete entries, stop the test and begin creating you own blood pressure database.

Read the Help topic How to start to create your personal blood pressure database.

How to uninstall ...

  1. Select the Start menu Control Panel
  2. Select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
  3. Right click BloodPressureHistory and select from the popup menu Uninstall item.



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